1758 - Prussian invasion of Moravia – Prussian OOB April 30

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Frederick’s Main Army

The Prussian army of Frederick as it arrived in front of Olmütz on April 30, 1758. He would soon be joined by other Prussian corps: Fouqué’s

Commander-in-Chief: King Frederick II

Summary: 46 bns, 103 sqns

First Line Second Line Reserve
Right Wing Cavalry under Field-Marshal Keith
General of Cavalry Zieten Prince von Württemberg’s Division  
Retzow’s Division

Prince Ferdinand von Preussen’s Division

Lieutenant-General Margrave Karl’s Division Reserve
Left Wing Cavalry under Prince Moritz von Anhalt-Dessau
Lieutenant-General von Seydlitz’s Division Prince von W|ürttemberg’s Division  

Other Troops

Besides the troops listed a spart of Frederick’s Army, there were some other units (excluding those serving as garrisons in Silesia) participating in the campaign.


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