1758 - Russian invasion of Brandenburg

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The campaign lasted from July to October 1758

Description of Events

With our recent additions to this article, its has become quite large and had to be split into three distinct articles:

  1. Arrival of the Russians in Brandenburg (July to August 20, 1758) describing the advance of the Russian army from Poland into Brandenburg, the counter-manoeuvre of Dohna’s Army and the siege of Cüstrin;
  2. Frederick comes to the rescue (August 21 to September 1, 1758) describing the arrival of Frederick in Brandenburg with a relief army, the battle of Zorndorf and the ensuing until Frederick’s departure for Saxony;
  3. The Russians move to Eastern Pomerania (September 2 to December, 1758) describing the march of the Russians from Brandenburg to Eastern Pomerania, the siege of Colberg and the retreat of the Russian army to East Prussia.


This article is mostly made of abridged and adapted excerpts from the following books which are now in the public domain:

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Other sources

Duffy, Christopher: various articles on the Russian army, Seven Years War Association Journal Vol. X No. 2


Alessandro Colaiacomo for the excerpts of his article on the battle of Zorndorf describing the various manoeuvres which took place between the arrival of Frederick and the battle