1758 - Russian invasion of Brandenburg – Dohna’s Prussian Army OOB end September

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At the end of September, 1758, after the departure of Frederick II for Lusatio, the Prussian army of Lieutenant-General zu Dohna counted 28 bns, 35 sqns, and 2 artillery coys for a total of some 16,800 men.

Commander-in-chief: Lieutenant-General zu Dohna

Infantry (25 bns for a total of 11,500 men)

Cavalry (35 sqns for a total of 3,300 men)

Field Artillery (2 coys for a total of some 500 men with some 60 pieces)

Other Troops

Frei-Infanterie von Hordt (2 bns) arriving at Frankfurt an der Oder on September 8

II./Rautter Infantry (1 bn) returning from Stettin on September 14, would be renamed Kleist Infantry on September 28


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