1758 - Russian invasion of Brandenburg – Dohna’s Prussian Army OOB mid-May

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Commander-in-chief: Lieutenant-General zu Dohna

By mid-May 1758, the Prussian army of Lieutenant-General zu Dohna in Pomerania counted 20 bns, 36 sqns, 2 artillery coys for a total of 18,600 men and 44 field pieces.

Main Body

Infantry (17 bns)

Cavalry (31 sqns)

Field Artillery (2 coys for a total of approx. 600 men with 44 field pieces)

N.B.: furthermore, 14 12-pdr guns and 19 howitzers would arrive from Berlin on August 5

Other Detachments

Already sent to Easter Pomerania

Still being formed

Frei-Infanterie von Hordt (2 bns) assembling at Alt-Damm near Stettin

Small Garrisons

Troops from Stettin supplied the small garrisons occupying Grefswald, the Fort of Peenmünde and Swinemünde


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