1759 - Allied spring offensive in Western Germany – French OOB March

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Order of Battle

Commander-in-chief: Louis Georges Érasme, Marquis de Contades

Army of the Lower Rhine (aka main army)

During the winter-quarters of 1758/59, the French Army of the Lower Rhine counted 100 bns and 91 sqns (including the 6 sqns of Turpin Hussards).

The 100 infantry bns totalled between 45,100 and 47,000 men. However, an additional 6,000 men were being recruited in France.

By the end of March, 43 sqns (out of 100 sqns) counted a total of 6,429 men, an average of 145 men per sqn. Only 150 men were being recruited in France.

Therefore, we can estimate the force of this army, including the recruits, the 15 militia bns and some 7,000 light troops to a total of 66,000 men.

The Army of the Main

Commander: Victor-François, Duc de Broglie

In mid-March, the Army of the Main counted 62 bns (including 11 bns serving as garrisons) and 47 sqns. Excluding garrisons, Broglie could this field 51 bns, 47 sqns and 1,500 light troops for a total of 25,200 men with an average of 400 men per battalion and 100 men per squadron. However, by the end of March, new recruits had brought the total strength of this army to 31,000 men.


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