1759 - British expedition against Quebec

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The siege lasted from June to September 1759

Description of Events

This article rapidly becoming quite large has been split into four distinct articles:

  1. Preparations and arrival (January to June 27, 1759) describing the British and French preparations, the arrival of French reinforcements and the arrival of the British expeditionary forces.
  2. Siege till the battle of Beauport (June 28 to July 31, 1759) describing the French fireships attack, the establishment of British batteries at Pointe Lévis, the British landing at L'Ange-Gardien, the passage of part of the British navy above Québec and the battle of Beauport.
  3. From the battle of Beauport till the battle of Québec (August 1 to September 13, 1759) describing the British raids in the countryside, the British operations above Québec and the battle of the Plains of Abraham (aka battle of Québec).
  4. Capture and Defence of Québec (September 14 to December 1759) describing the French retreat after the battle of the Plains of Abraham (aka battle of Québec), the capitulation of Québec, Lévis' attempt to relieve the town, the final retreat of the French army and the winter quarters of both armies.


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