1760 - Russian campaign in Brandenburg – Russian OOB May

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Order of battle of the Russian army gathering in Poland, May 24 1760

Commander-in-chief: Field-Marshal Count Piotr Semionovitch Saltykov

Advanced corps sent to Poznan

Commander: Lieutenant-General Cavalier Count Tchernichev assisted by Lieutenant-General Leontiev; Majors-Generals Numers, Prince Dolgoruki; and Brigadiers Benkendorf, Melgunov and Beketov


Infantry under Brigadier Briul

Light cavalry

  • Serbskiy Hussars
  • Unidentified Cossacks Units (3 rgts) under Brigadier Serebriakov

First Division

Commander General Count Villim Vilimovich Fermor assisted by Lieutenants-Generals Dolgoruki and Jazykov; Majors-Generals Treiden, Fulerton and Sivers; and Brigadiers Eltchaninov, Tcherepov and Brile


Second Division

Commander: General Braun (or Brown) assisted by Lieutenant-General Fast; Majors-Generals Rosen and Berg; and Brigadiers Brant and von Derfelden


Third Division

Commander: Lieutenant-General Count Rumyantsev assisted by Lieutenants-Generals Prince Lubomirski and Panin; Majors-Generals Plemiannikov, Prince Sulkovski and Prince Hovanski; and Brigadiers Bahman, Count Brus and Geiser (or Hanzer)


Cuirassiers Division

Commander: Lieutenant-General Prince Volkonski

Cuirassiers (17 sqns)

Cavalry Division

Commander: Major-General Eropkin (till the arrival of Lieutenant-General Oliz)

Cavalry (18 sqns and 12 horse guns)

Field Artillery

Commander: Lieutenant-General Glebov assisted by General-Quartermaster von Stofel

Engineer Major-General Muraviev and engineer officers.



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