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Origin and History

The corvette was built by Joseph-Louis Ollivier at Brest from March 1747 and commissioned in December 1747.

During the Seven Years' War, the ship was under the command of:

  • no information available

The corvette foundered near Saint-Malo in February 1760.

Service during the War

In the summer and autumn of 1759, the corvette was part of Thurot's squadron which was blockaded in the harbour of Dunkerque by a British squadron under the command of commodore William Boys. In October, Boys' squadron was driven from his station by a gale. On October 15 at 5:00 PM, Thurot seized the opportunity, slipped out through a thick fog and made to the northward. He then sailed for Ostend, then to Göteborg in Sweden, partly to procure stores, and partly, no doubt, to baffle pursuit or observation. There he remained for 19 days, going next to Bergen in Norway. On December 5, Thurot's flotilla quitted Bergen and proceeded to the British seas, by way of Streymoy in the Faroe Islands.

On January 25 1760, Thurot's flotilla reached the neighbourhood of the Irish coast. The weather confounded an intended descent near Londonderry, and scattered his flotilla, so much so that the corvette never rejoined and returned in some distress to Saint-Malo but foundered in February 1760, before reaching her destination.


Technical specifications
Guns 12 (but could be armed with up to 18 guns)
Gundeck 12 x 4-pdr
Quarterdeck none specified
Forecastle none specified
Crew 4 officers, 90 men
Length at gundeck 84 French Feet (Pied du Roi)
Width 22 French Feet (Pied du Roi)
Depth 9 French Feet (Pied du Roi)
Displacement 120 tons


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