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Origin and History

In 1746, the artillery of Brunswick counted 4 companies.

During the War of the Austrian Succession, one company was part of the contingent of Brunswick (4,800 men) subsidized by England.

The artillery was small and served only the battalion guns of the infantry. There was no heavy artillery with the Brunswick army during the Seven Years' War.

In 1757, it counted 3 companies with some 272 men, serving 14 pieces (6 x 3-pdr guns, 2 howitzers, 6 x 2-pdr guns)

In 1760 the unit was increased to 320 men.

During the Seven Years' War, the regiment was commanded by:

  • information not available yet

Service during the War

Fought as battalion guns along side the rest of the Brunswick infantry.



Uniform - Copyright Kronoskaf
Uniform Details
Cannonier black tricorne laced white with a black cockade fastened with a golden strap and a small brass button
Neckstock black
Coat dark blue with 6 brass buttons and 6 golden buttonholes with tassels
Collar red
Shoulder Straps none
Lapels none
Pockets horizontal pockets, each with 3 brass buttons
Cuffs red with 2 brass buttons and 2 golden buttonholes with tassels
Turnbacks red fastened with a brass button
Waistcoat straw with brass buttons
Breeches straw
Gaiters black
Leather Equipment
Waistbelt white
Cartridge Box black
Scabbard black
Footgear black


Officer Uniform - Source: Ibrahim90 from a template by Hannoverdidi

Officers wore uniforms similar to those of privates with the following distinctions:

  • gold scalloped tricorne
  • red waistcoat
  • red breeches
  • black boots


NCOs wore uniforms similar to those of privates with the following distinctions:

  • gold edged tricorne
  • gold laces on the cuffs and pockets






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