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Origin and History

This ship of the line was built by Gilles Cambry at Lorient and launched on September 7 1751. She belonged to the Compagnie des Indes, not to the Marine Royale. She entered service in February 1752.

During the Seven Years' War, the ship was under the command of:

  • since March 20 1756 to June 13 1756: captain Jacques Lars de Lescouet
  • from April 8 1757 to September 10 1759: captain René-Louis de Surville (killed in action at the battle of Pondicherry)
  • from September 10 1759 to 1761: Joachim Marion des Bretonnières

The ship was stricken off of the fleet in 1764.

Service during the War

In 1759, the ship was part of d'Aché's squadron who sailed from Île de France (actual Mauritius) to India. On September 10, she took part in the battle of Pondicherry where de Surville, her captain, was killed in action.


Technical specifications
Guns 70
Lower Gundeck 26 x 24-pdrs
Upper gundeck 28 x 12-pdrs
Quarterdeck 10 x ?-pdrs
Forecastle 6 x ?-pdrs
Crew 297
Length at gundeck 155 feet (47.24 m)
Width 42 feet (12.80 m)
Depth 18 feet (5.49 m)
Displacement 1300 tons (1352 metric tons)


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