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Origin and History

The frigate was built in Le Havre by Jean-Joseph Ginoux and launched on September 13 1756.

On March 28 1759, the Southampton (32) and Melampe (36) of the British Royal Navy engaged and captured the French Danaé (40). On July 10, she was renamed “Danae” and incorporated into the Royal Navy.

During the Seven Years' War, the frigate was under the command of:

  • from August 1759: Captain Henry Martin
  • from January 1762: Commander William Hay
  • from February 1762 to March 1763: Captain Henry Martin

The frigate was broken up at Chatham on June 14 1771.

Service during the War

In the French service

On March 28 1759, the frigate was engaged and captured by the Southampton (32) and Melampe (36) of the British Royal Navy.

In the British service

In the summer and autumn of 1759, the frigate was part of commodore William Boys' squadron blockading the French squadron of Thurot at Dunkerque. In October, Boys' squadron was driven from his station by a gale. On October 15 at 5:00 PM, Thurot seized the opportunity, slipped out through a thick fog and made to the northward. Boys followed as soon as possible but was not able to overtake Thurot. Ultimately, Boys contented himself with cruising off the coast of Scotland with the object of preventing any sudden raid there.

On March 1 1761, the frigate escorted a convoy sailing for the West Indies. On September 4, she captured the privateer Colibri.

On January 30 1762, while escorting a convoy, the frigate engaged the French Signe (26) for 3 hours. In this combat, the Danae was disabled in her masts and rigging and lost 18 men killed and 42 wounded. On May 6 1762, she escorted a convoy sailing for the Leewards Islands.


Technical specifications
Guns 38
Gundeck 30 x 12-pdr
Quarterdeck 10 x 6-pdr (6 x 6-pdr from July 1759)
Forecastle none (2 x 6-pdr from July 1759)
Crew 350 men (250 men in the British service)
Length at gundeck 147 ft 6 in (44.96 m)
Width 37 ft 9 in (11.51 m)
Depth 11 ft 4 in (3.45 m)
Displacement 941 tons BM


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N.B.: the section Service during the War is partly derived from our articles depicting the various campaigns, battles and sieges.