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Origin and History

The ship was a sixth rate frigate. She was built at the Woolwich Dockyards in 1751. She was only the second sailing vessel to be fitted with copper sheathing.

During the Seven Years' War, the frigate was under the command of:

  • 1756: captain Carr Scrope
  • August 20 1756: captain Matthew Moore

The frigate was used as a survey ship from 1764 and made two circumnavigations of the world under the successive commands of John Byron and Samuel Wallis. She was the first ship to circumnavigate the world twice.

The frigate was broken up in January 1777.

Service during the War

In 1756, the frigate was part of a small squadron stationed at Minorca. When a French amphibious force invaded Minorca, this squadron managed to escape the French fleet on April 23, leaving the harbour after bringing in about ten captured French merchant vessels. It arrived at Gibraltar on May 2. The frigate then joined admiral Byng's squadron which sailed from Gibraltar on May 8 to relieve Fort St. Philip besieged by the French. On May 19, the squadron came into sight of Fort St. Philip. Byng dispatched this frigate with two others to reconnoitre the mouth of the harbour but the French fleet then advanced to meet Byng, forcing him to recall his frigates. On May 20, the frigate took part to the battle of Minorca where several British ships were seriously damaged but none was lost on either side. After a council of war, Byng gave orders to return to Gibraltar, abandoning Minorca to its fate.

To do: campaigns from 1757 to 1762


Technical specifications
Guns 24
1st deck none
2nd deck 24 x 9-pdrs
Crew 160
Length 113 feet (34.44 m)
Width 32 feet (9.75 m)
Depth ???
Displacement 508 tons (461 metric tons)


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