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Origin and History

The ship was built in Harwich and launched in 1745.

During the Seven Years' War, the ship was under the command of:

  • from 1755 to (at least) 1757: captain Hugh Palliser

Tha ship was sold in 1767.

Service during the War

In November 1755, the ship was part of counter-admiral West's squadron of four vessels. On November 11 towards 10:00 AM some 400 km west of Yeu Island, this squadron intercepted the slow Espérance (74) armed as a flute with only 22 guns, who was returning from Louisbourg. The Espérance was initially engaged by the Orford (70) at 4:00 PM. The combat lasted for three hours. By 9:00 PM, the Espérance was surrounded by the four British ships and a prize crew sent aboard.

On May 30 1757 the ship along with the Medway (60) intercepted the Duc d'Aquitaine (50), a French East Indiaman, in the bay of Biscay. During this action, the Eagle lost 10 men killed and 32 wounded. Later the same year, the ship was sent to America to reinforce admiral Holbourne's squadron which was planning an expedition against Louisbourg. The ship joined Holbourne in mid August by which time the enterprise had been abandoned. Nevertheless, the reinforced squadron cruised off Louisbourg till September 25 when it was shattered by a most terrible storm. It then returned to Great Britain in a very bad condition.


Technical specifications
Guns 58
1st deck ???
2nd deck ???
3rd deck ???
Crew ???
Length ???
Width ???
Depth ???
Displacement ???


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