Espérance (74)

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Origin and History

Built by Levasseur in 1722 in Toulon. Launched in 1722.

Commanded by M Jubert de Bouville in 1755.

The ship was sunk on November 15 1755.

Service during the War

In 1755, she took part to the expedition to reinforce Canada and more particularly Louisbourg. For this campaign, she was armed as a "flute", her armament being reduced to 24 guns. She transported the grenadier company and 3 other companies of Artois Infanterie and 3 companies of Bourgogne Infanterie.

After disembarking the troops, the ship sailed back to France but was intercepted on November 11 by 4 British ships. After a 3 hours fight, she surrendered. However, she was too crippled after this fierce fight and sank on November 15.


Technical specifications
Guns 74
1st deck 26 x 36-pdrs
2nd deck 28 x 18-pdrs
3rd deck 16 x 8-pdrs and 4 x 4-pdrs
Crew n/a
Length 152 feet (46,33 m)
Width 43,4 feet (13,23 m)
Depth 18 feet (5,49 m)
Displacement 1400 tons


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