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Frequently asked questions

How do I get access to the "protected material"?

Readers often request a userid, thinking that this will give them access to additional material.

In fact, all published material, articles as well as images, is available to both logged and unlogged users. The "red links" encountered in some articles do not mean that the reader has encountered protected material, they simply indicates that the article or image is not yet published. In fact, these links are place holders to allow the insertion of future material.

The logged in members just have the additional possibility to directly modify existing articles. Some of them also ask for the creation of "stubs" (sort of empty articles) which they entirely populate.

Finally there are also indirect contributors who, without the need for any userid, prefer to send their material by email. In this case, I edit and format this material and then publish it.

In the case of images, they are always sent directly to the webmaster through email. He then takes charge of the final formatting and publication of them.