Fleur de Lys (30)

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Origin and History

Commanded by M. le chevalier Marin de Marnières in 1755.

Service during the War

In 1755, this frigate took part to the expedition to reinforce Canada.

In the autumn of 1760, the frigate was part of a force of 5 frigates who escorted a French convoy from Cap-Francois to Europe. On October 17, this French convoy was sighted and chased by three British vessels. On October 18, 4 of the 5 French frigates were captured or destroyed. On October 19, the Hampshire (50) and Lively (20) were about to attack the last frigate (the Fleur de Lys), which lay in the bay to leeward of Port-de-Paix, when the French abandoned and burnt the frigate.


Technical specifications
Guns 30
1st deck ?? x ??-pdrs
2nd deck ?? x ??-pdrs
Crew 220
Length ??? feet (??? m)
Width ?? feet (??? m)
Depth ?? feet (??? m)
Displacement ???? tons


Vial J. L., Nec Pluribus Impar