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Various units of Hesse-Darmstadt in 1750. - Source: Richard Knötel Uniformkunde

The history of the Hessen-Darmstadt military establishment began in the XVIth century; on March 21 1621, when the Leib-Regiment was raised.


Leibgarde zu Pferde
Garde des Dragons


Line Infantry


Generalities about the uniforms

No information available yet.

Generalities about the colours

Until the French Revolution, Hessen-Darmstadt infantry wore the national colours red, white and blue; each company carrying its own colour.


Prinz Georg


From 1699 to January 23, 1791 there were 4 Land-Bataillone. Each of them consisted of 4 companies of 125 men. They wore uniforms as for the line infantry.



There were a few garrison companies stationed in the following towns:


Heavy Cavalry

There were various regiments of horse raised in the XVth, XVIth and XVIIth centuries, but all were disbanded in 1648. From 1677 to 1678 a contingent of 400 cavalry was raised to serve with the Kreiskontingent for the Holy Roman Empire on the rivers Rhine and Saar.

In 1705 the regiment Franz Ernst Dragoner was raised to fight in the War of the Spanish Succession; it (and the Hessian artillery) were rented out to the electorate of Braunschweig-Lueneburg from 1705 to 1707.

In 1710 the regiment Prinz Friedrich Ernst Dragoner and the newly-raised Erbprinz Regiment zu Pferde, became together the Leib-Regiment zu Pferde, but this was disbanded in 1717.

The first regiment of Chevaulegers of the Hessen-Darmstadt Army, consisting of 4 squadrons, was raised on 6 April, 1790.

Light Troops

The first hussars of the Hessen-Darmstadt Army were raised by landgrave Ludwig VIII in 1763. They had the character of an internal security force.

The first light infantry of the Hessen-Darmstadt Army was the Leichtes-Infanterie-Bataillon von Wrede, of 4 companies raised from the Kreis-Regiment on September 15, 1790.


Hessen-Darmstadt Artillery


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