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Origin and History

This unit regrouped the provincial militia.

At the outbreak of the Seven Years War, the regiment consisted of 2 battalions, each of 4 companies of about 100 men. It garrisoned Braunschweig and Wolfenbüttel.

In 1762, the regiment was reinforced, now consisting of 4 battalions, each of 5 companies for a total of about 2,000 men.

During the Seven Years' War, the regiment was commanded by:

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Service during the War

The regiment remained in the principality of Brunswick throughout the Seven Years' War, being used as a depot unit to replenish the ranks of the Brunswick contingent which had joined the Allied army.

In 1762, part of the regiment was present at the siege of Kassel.



Uniform - Source: Ibrahim90 from a template by Hannoverdidi
Uniform Details
Musketeer black tricorne scalloped gold (Schirmer mentions plain white lace), blue within yellow within blue pompoms, black cockade fastened with a golden strap and a small yellow button
Grenadier n/a
Neckstock black
Coat blue with 1 yellow button on each side at the small of the back
Collar carmine
Shoulder Straps none
Lapels carmine with 6 yellow buttons grouped 2 by 2
Pockets horizontal pockets, each with 3 yellow buttons
Cuffs carmine with 2 yellow buttons
Turnbacks carmine fastened with a small yellow button
Waistcoat carmine (white as per Schirmer) with yellow buttons and with horizontal pockets, each with yellow buttons
Breeches carmine (white as per Schirmer)
Gaiters black
Leather Equipment
Crossbelt white
Waistbelt white
Cartridge Box black
Bayonet Scabbard black
Scabbard black
Footgear black shoes






Colonel Flag: ???

Regimental Flag: ???


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