Leib-Grenadier Corps

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Origin and History

A company of Leib-Grenadiers was raised in October 1759. By 1762, the corps had been increased to 4 companies and totalled about 540 men.

During the Seven Years' War, the regiment was commanded by:

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Service during the War

The regiment remained in the principality of Brunswick throughout the Seven Years' War.


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Uniform Details
Musketeer black tricorne laced ???, ??? pom poms, ??? cockade
Grenadier ???
Neckstock ???
Coat ??? with ??? buttons and ??? buttonholes
Collar none
Shoulder Straps ???
Lapels ??? with ??? buttons and ??? buttonholes
Pockets horizontal/vertical??? pockets, each with ??? buttons and ??? buttonholes
Cuffs ??? with ??? buttons and ??? buttonholes
Turnbacks ??? fastened with a ??? button
Waistcoat ??? with ??? pockets, each with ??? buttons
Breeches ???
Gaiters ???
Leather Equipment
Crossbelt ???
Waistbelt ???
Cartridge Box ???
Bayonet Scabbard ???
Scabbard ???
Footgear ???

Troopers were armed with ???.


Officers wore uniforms similar to those of privates with the following distinction:

  • a silver gorget with an inner red metal disc charged with a galloping white horse
  • a silver sash interwoven with yellow
  • no turnbacks on the coat
  • an officer stick

Officers carried spontoons.

The officers of the grenadier companies wore tricornes and carried spontoons since 1754.


NCOs carried halberds (Kurzgewehr).






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