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Origin and History

During the Seven Years' War, the grenadier companies of the Brunswick infantry regiments were converged into elite battalions. Thus the grenadiers from the Leib-Regiment (2 coys) and Imhoff Infantry (2 coys) were converged into a single battalion counting four companies. Each grenadier company counted 141 men.

During the Seven Years' War, the battalion was commanded by:

  • 1757: von Stammer
  • 1761: von Warnstedt

Service during the War

On July 26 1757, the battalion fought at the Battle of Hastenbeck.

On April 13 1759, the battalion took part in the Battle of Bergen where it formed part of the vanguard of the first column under Major-General von Gilsa. In June, the battalion was part of the Allied main army under the command of Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick. On August 1, the battalion took part in the Battle of Minden where it was deployed in Wangenheim's Corps between Kutenhausen and the Weser, in the first line of the infantry centre.

On July 10 1760, the battalion was part of Lieutenant-General Waldegrave's Reserve at the Combat of Corbach. This reserve did not take part in the engagement. On July 31, the battalion took part in the Battle of Warburg where it was deployed in the first line of the centre between Ossendorf and Menne.


The grenadiers wore the uniform of their own regiments. For details about these uniforms, please refer to the articles related to the Leib-Regiment and Imhoff Infantry.

Mitre Caps

Leib-Regiment: illustration not yet available von Imhoff: illustration not yet available


The converged grenadier battalions did not carry any colour.


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N.B.: the section Service during the War is mostly derived from our articles depicting the various campaigns, battles and sieges.