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Origin and History

In June or July of 1757 the Chamber President of Neumark, von Rothenburg, personally requested Berlin for permission to recruit a militia force for the defence of the province. On August 10 1757 permission was granted to raise the units, which were to come under supervision of Department 6 of the General Directory.

One squadron was raised in Cüstrin in August 1757, from the local peasantry. It comprised:

  • 1 Rittmeister
  • 1 lieutenant
  • 1 cornet
  • 1 Wachtmeister
  • 6 NCOs
  • 1 trumpeter
  • 100 troopers
  • 1 ensign

On September 10, 1757, Captain Carl Ludwig von Maltitz assumed command of the unit.

In November 1759, Maltitz was succeeded by Captain Georg Sigmund Schmidt, who had served as a sergeant in Markgraf Carl Infantry, then as a lieutenant in the Land-Battalion Nr. I von Heiderstädt. The squadron comprised 3 officers, 7 non-commissioned officers, a trumpeter and 100 hussars.

In Spring 1762, the squadron was absorbed by the battalion of Land-Hussars von Hohendorff and deployed in Silesia.

During the Seven Years' War, the regiment was under the command of:

  • since August 1757: Captain Carl Ludwig von Maltitz
  • from December 1759: Captain Georg Sigmund Schmidt

Service during the War

In July 1758, the squadron was stationed at Driesen on the Netze to defend against the Russians, along with Frei-Infanterie von Hordt, a detachment of the von Reusch Hussars (including 41 Bosniaks), and the Land-Battalion Nr. II de Rège.

In Spring 1762, the squadron was absorbed by the battalion of Land-Hussars von Hohendorff and deployed in Silesia.



Uniform in 1757
Source: Dal Gavan from a template of Not By Appointment
Uniform Details asper Cremer and Bleckwenn
Headgear a black mirliton with a black wing and with white cords, knots and tassels
Pelisse ultramarine with seams piped with white thread and terminated with "Hungarian knots"
Fur trim white
Cords 12 rows of white cords
Buttons white metal
Dolman white with 12 rows of blue cords with white metal buttons
Collar ultramarine with blue piping
Cuffs "Polish style" pointed cuffs of blue with blue piping
Trousers buff with ultramarine Schalavary (overtrousers) edged white
Barrel Sash red cords with white barrels
Leather Equipment
Crossbelt one belt over the left shoulder for the cartridge box
Cartridge Box maybe black
Scabbard n/a
Boots black Hungarian boots
Horse Furniture
Saddlecloth ultramarine; white "wolves' teeth" edging counter-piped in blue and white
Sabretache unknown if carried, but probably ultramarine decorated with white if carried

Troopers were armed with a musket.


Officers had silver cords and lace to both the pelisse and dolman, with the pelisse cords extended at the end of each cord to form a zig-zag border. Silver "Hungarian knots" in silver lace on the pelisse cuffs. Pocket on the pelisse outlined with white fur and silver lace. Silver and black sash.


NCOs wore uniforms similar to those of the troopers with the following distinctions:

  • silver lace on cuffs of both dolman and pelisse
  • black and white cords on mirliton


Trumpeters had blue swallow nests on the shoulder of the pelisse, laced in blue and white. Mixed blue and white cords on pelisse and dolman. Cuffs and collar of dolman piped with mixed blue and white cord.


Guidons were not carried by militia units.


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