Palatine Leibgarde zu Pferd

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Origin and History

The unit already existed in 1711. By 1745, the unit consisted of a single company of 100 men.

Service during the War

The unit remained in the Palatinate and did not take part in the war.



Uniform in 1761 - Copyright Kronoskaf
Uniform in 1761
as per Bezel
Headgear black tricorne laced silver with blue within white pompoms and a black cockade
Neckstock black
Coat blue coat with 3 brass buttons under the lapels and 1 in the small of the back
Collar red laced silver
Shoulder Straps yellow aiguillette on the right shoulder
Lapels red with 8 brass buttons and 8 silver laced buttonholes
Pockets horizontal pockets, each with 3 brass buttons
Cuffs red with 3 brass buttons and 3 silver laced buttonholes
Turnbacks red
Waistcoat straw edged red and laced and silver
Breeches straw
Leather Equipment
Crossbelt white
Waistbelt white
Cartridge Box black with a golden shield
Gloves straw
Scabbard natural leather
Footgear long black riding boots
Horse Furniture
Saddlecloth red bordered white with rounded corners
Housing black holsters with a red flap bordered with a white lace

Troopers were armed with a straight bladed sabre (brass hilt), a carbine and 2 pistols


The officers wore the same uniform with the following exceptions:

  • gold laced tricorne
  • no collar on the coat
  • golden buttons, laces and epaulets
  • white and blue striped sash (silver and blue for staff officers)
  • white and blue sword frog (silver and blue for staff officers)
  • a golden epaulette on the right shoulder
  • re waistcoat edged gold with gold buttons
  • red breeches
  • black cane


The trumpeters probably had silver trumpets decorated with silver cords and tassels.


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