Pomeranian Land Militia Battalion Nr. 2

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Origin and History

On July 13 1757, a Cabinet Ordre" created the Militia of Pomerania and Uckermark. The present battalion, initially known as the Land-Bataillon Schlichting, was raised in Stettin in August 1757. It originally consisted of 5 companies of musketeers (no grenadier), each company consisting of:

  • 1 captain
  • 1 lieutenant
  • 1 ensign
  • 6 NCOs
  • 1 or 2 drummers
  • 100 privates

At the end of 1757, the companies of the Pomeranian militia battalions were reduced to 96 men.

During the Seven Years' War, the battalion was under the command of:

  • since August 1757 to October 1758: Lieutenant-Colonel von Schlichting

In October 1758, the battalion was disbanded, its troops being incorporated into field infantry regiments to bring them to full strength. Its commander then became Chef of the Pomeranian Land Militia Battalion No. 1.

Service during the War

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Not much is known on the uniforms worn by this battalion from 1757 to 1758.

Uniform 1757-1758


Uniform in 1757 - Source: Dal Gavan
Uniform Details
Musketeer black tricorne without lace, pompom of an unknown colour
Grenadier during this period there were no grenadiers in this battalion
Neck stock black
Coat dark blue unlined smock with an unknown number of buttons of an unknown colour
Collar none
Shoulder Straps dark blue fastened with a button of an unknown colour
Lapels none
Pockets none
Cuffs none but 2 buttons of an unknown colour placed as they would have been on a Prussian style cuff
Turnbacks none
Waistcoat none
Breeches dark blue
Gaiters grey
Leather Equipment
Crossbelt one white belt over the left shoulder for the cartridge box and one narrower white belt over the right shoulder for the haversack
Waistbelt white
Cartridge Box black
Bayonet Scabbard brown
Scabbard none
Footgear black

Privates were armed with a short musket and a bayonet.


NCOs wore uniforms similar to those of the privates with the following distinctions:

  • tricorne laced white with black and white quartered pompoms


Officers had tricorne wearing a thin golden lace.


Drummers probably wore uniforms similar to those of the privates but with a swallow nest on each shoulder


Colours were not carried by militia units.


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