Pomeranian Provincial Jäger-Corps von der Goltz

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Origin and History

The unit was raised in Stettin in September 1757. It consisted of 4 officers, 60 mounted foresters and 80 foot foresters. It was designated as the Pomeranian Provincial Jägerkorps. Part of the unit was disbanded at the end of 1757.

In 1759, the unit counted 100 men.

In 1760, part of the unit was transferred to Frei-Infanterie de Courbière and Frei-Infanterie von Wunsch.

During the Seven Years' War, the unit was under the command of:

  • since September 1757 to 1762: E. H. von der Golz

The unit was completely disbanded in July 1762.

Service during the War

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The foresters forming this unit continued to wear their usual clothing.


Militia units did not carry any colour.


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