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Origin and History

The regiment was raised late in 1759 with British subsidies. It initially counted many Hungarian troopers and consisted of 4 coys (114 men each) and a staff of 17 for a total of 473 men.

For the 1761 campaign, the regiment was augmented to 6 coys, totalling about 747 men.

The regimental Inhaber were:

  • from 1759: von Roth
  • from May 1761: Friedrich Adolf Riedesel zu Eisenbach

After the Seven Years's War, each company of the regiment was reduced to only 12 men. The regiment was finally disbanded in 1806.

Service during the War

The regiment participated extensively in the Kleinkrieg.

Voices from the Past
On July 26, 1760, the Allies retire from Istha

On May 24 1760, the regiment, attached to Luckner's Corps, took part in an attack on a French detachment under the command of Waldner occupying Butzbach. A party of the French Bercheny Hussards sent to reconnoitre the Allied positions was pursued by Allied hussars who entered into Butzbach on their trail. Waldner retired through another gate with the garrison and entered into the woods in the direction of Friedberg. The Allied hussars engaged a picquet of Caraman Dragons and captured 1 officer and 20 troopers. They then engaged a picquet of infantry and captured 25 men. Luckner then divided his force into 2 parties: the mounted jägers entered into the woods while the Roth Hussars pursued the retreating French units up to Friedberg, bringing back prisoners and 30 carriages. In this action Luckner lost 2 hussars killed and 5 wounded. He also destroyed a French magazine.



Uniform - Source: Ibrahim90 from a Not By Appointment template
Uniform Details
Headgear black fur hat with a medium blue (bleu mourant) bag laced in white
Dolman yellow with pewter buttons and white braids
Collar medium blue edged in white
Shoulderknot none
Cuffs medium blue cuffs edged white
Pelisse medium blue laced with with black fur trim
Breeches straw
Leather Equipment
Cross-belt white
Barrel sash yellow/blue
Cartridge Box black
Scabbard black
Footgear black boots
Horse Furniture
Saddlecloth medium blue bordered with a yellow zig-zag edeged in white
Sabretache medium blue bordered with a yellow zig-zag edeged in white
Blanket roll medium blue

Troopers were armed with a sabre, a carbine and a pistols.


Officers wore uniforms similar to those of the troopers but with silver laces and braids.


NCOs wore uniforms similar to those of the troopers with silver lace on collar and cuffs.






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