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Origin and History

This ship of the line was built by Laurent Hélie in Brest starting in 1735. She was launched on June 27 1738.

During the Seven Years' War, the ship was under the command of:

  • in November 1759: Captain Montalais

The ship was sunk during the Battle of Quiberon on November 20 1759.

Service during the War

In November 1759, in preparation for the planned invasion of England, the ship set sail for Quiberon Bay with the Brest Fleet. On November 20, she took part in the battle of Quiberon. At about 2:30 p.m., the ship, who had opened his lower deck ports, foundered.


Technical specifications
Guns 74
1st deck 26 x 36-pdrs
2nd deck 28 x 18-pdrs
Quarterdeck and Forecastle 16 x 8-pdrs
Roundhouse 4 x 4-pdrs
Crew 550 men and 6 officers (at Quiberon in 1759, the ship carried between 630 and 800 men including troops)
Length 152 ft 6 in (49.37 m) in French feet
Width 42 ft 8 in (13.75 m)
Depth 21 ft (6.85 m)
Displacement 1500 tons


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N.B.: the section Service during the War is mostly derived from our articles depicting the various campaigns, battles and sieges.