Tauentzien, Bogislav Friedrich von

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Tauentzien, Bogislav Friedrich von

Prussian Major-General (1758-60), Lieutenant-General (1760-75) General of Infantry (1775-79)

born April 18, 1710, Tauentzien (present-day Tawęcino/PL), Pomerania, Prussia

died March 20, 1791, Breslau (present-day Wrocław/PL), Silesia, Prussia


Tauentzien was born in Tauentzien (present-day Tawęcino/PL) in Pomerania on April 18, 1710.

As a boy, Tauentzien the Cadet Corps of the Prussian Army.

In 1728, Tauentzien joined the Königs-Regiment as corporal.

In 1740, Tauentzien was second-lieutenant when Frederick II acceded to the throne. In June, Tauentzien was transferred to the I./Garde as captain.

On April 10, 1741, Tauentzien took part in the Battle of Mollwitz with the I./Garde.

During the Second Silesian War (1744–1745), Tauentzien took part in the siege of Prague, and, on June 4, 1745, in the Battle of Hohenfriedberg.

By July 18, 1745, Tauentzien was still captain in the I./Garde and ranked as major in the army.

On February 22, 1757, Tauentzien was promoted to major in the I./Garde and to colonel in the army. On June 18, he led the I./Garde in the Battle of Kolin and was wounded.

On February 1, 1758, Tauentzien took part in the attack on Hornburg. On September 1, he was promoted to major-general. He was stationed in Breslau with the I./Garde and was appointed commander of the place.

In July and August 1760, Tauentzien led the defence of Breslau. On August 19, Frederick promoted him to lieutenant-general for his brave conduct.

In 1761, Tauentzien was admitted in the Order of the Black Eagle.

From August to October 1762, Tauentzien supervised the Siege of Schweidnitz (present-day Swidnica/PL), which surrendered on October 9.

On September 22, 1763, Tauentzien became chef of the former Lestwitz Infantry. He also became governor of Breslau and, from 1763 to 1783, Inspector-General of the Silesian infantry regiments.

During the War of the Bavarian Succession (1778–1779), Tauentzien accompanied the King's Army.

Tauentzien died on March 20, 1791, at the age of 81 in Breslau.


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